‘My Boobs Are More Important Than The Law’


20-year-old Sophie Dalell from a small county in England, now a topless model in Manchester, recently skipped out on a court date after she assaulted two police officers because she had to fly to Belgium to get a boob job. This wasn’t the first breast surgery she has had, it was her second…and the court let her get away with it.

If you’re not outraged already, you should be. Most people would be charged with a second crime for missing their court date without a valid reason.

Dalzell defended her missed court date by telling¬†The Manchester Evening News “My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law…My Career depends on it.”

After refusing to appear in court, Dalzell, who makes a living appearing on late-night adult TV programs, is refusing to compelte court-ordered 400 hours of community service because she says that picking up trash is “too hard and tiring.”

Her normal schedule includes two days of work a week, where she makes about $850 a day, and “the rest of the time I just chill out.” Dalzell claims it isn’t fair that she wastes a day picking up trash and raking leaves and not even getting paid for it.

Dalzell has since decided that she is going to avoid the community service, of which she only has 180 more to complete, by travelling to ¬†an island in Spain, and she will “deal with the consequences when I get back.”

Prison time. That’s what’s waiting for you when you get back.

Dalzell claims she hasn’t done anything wrong, and that the courts are “just jealous” of her success.

She’s done a lot wrong.

In 2012, she was drunk and assaulted two female police officers, which is how she earned her 400 hours of community service. She owes $250 in fines from previous arrests, and was given a fine in 2012 after refusing to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. She was asked to wear the bracelet because she refused to do community service after being charged with criminal damage.


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