Woman Graduates from High School at 111 years-old!

It’s better late than never.

111-year-old Lela Burden finally received her high school diploma last week at the ripe old age of 111. Despite being one of the oldest women alive, when she was asked how she felt Lela said “Not any different…Still have your aches and pains but thank God I’m still alive.”

The reason Lela took so long to graduate was because back in 1918, there was a massive flu pandemic which caused her to drop out of school to avoid getting sick. In addition to avoiding the flu, Lela took up two jobs, working full time to help support her family. She never went back.

She was alive in 1918 – how absolutely mind bendingly bizarre is that. I can’t even fathom all of the historical events she has lived through.

Even though she is old on the outside, Lela’s mind remains fascinatingly sharp, as she remembers almost everything about her time in school…over 96 years ago.

You look great Lela, not a day over 75.


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