Woman Suing Kohl’s Because They Won’t Stop Calling About the $20 She Owes Them

Why doesn’t she just pay them their money?Lisa Ratliff of Ypsilanti, Michigan, has decided that she isn’t going to be harassed by Kohl’s any longer, especially not over the $20 she owes them for an unpaid credit card bill. The 29-year-old woman intended to pay Kohl’s her $20 initially, but then they were sending her multiple times a day reminding her to pay them.

She decided to sue them for violation the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, “a 1991 law that makes it illegal to call a cell phone using an auto dialler or pre-recorded voice without the recipient’s consent.”

Lisa claims that she received up to 22 calls a week, sometimes at 6AM, and others a little past midnight. She said it was very frustrating trying to go about her day while being called over, and over, and over again. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act also states that debt collectors can’t call before 8AM, and after 9PM.

Remember, she could have just paid them their $20. But she didn’t, and that’s why her court case is being classified, at least in our books, as Certified Stupid. She is going to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees against a major company that without a doubt, has some world class lawyers.

Sure, she might win and get a quick buck, but hopefully the judge just flips her lawsuit on her and tells her to just pay the $20 that she owes them.

What a ridiculous waste of everyone’s time.


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