12-year-old Boy Fakes His Own Kidnapping to Avoid Going to the Dentist!

I’m genuinely surprised a child hasn’t thought of doing this sooner.

A 12-year-old French boy was so determined to avoid going to the dentist, he faked his own kidnapping, leading to a one-month investigation by police officers.

Now, it’s not like the boy just disappeared completely, but he claimed that he had barely escaped an abduction attempt. The boy described a scar-faced European man who lured him into his car as the boy was heading to his dentist appointment.

According to the boy, that’s when the man grabbed the boy, put him in his car, and drove away. The boy also provided details of the man’s car and of the clothes he was wearing.

The boy almost got away with, it, too, until a month after the initial report, the police decided to review security footage from the area the boy was abducted.

The police called in the boy once more, and, after hearing the police had viewed the security footage, the boy admitted to making the entire story up so he wouldn’t have to go to the dentist.


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