Man blames weed, Red Bull for attic assault on neighbor’s undergarments

Drinking Red Bull will give you wings, but drinking Red Bull with alcohol, diet pills and marijuana, will give you something else.

33-year-old Micheal Hearns was arrested with a burglary charge after he climbed through the ceiling to reach his neighbours adjoining apartment. Once there, he stole a few tools and, oddly enough, undergarments!

According to the victim Jennifer Lopez (not the celebrity) her and her son heard noises coming from the attic. Her son even noticed Hearns standing on his balcony shaking what seemed to be dust off of himself.

When investigators contacted Hearns, he admitted to the crime and even admitted to falling through his own ceiling after returning to his apartment.

What possible reason would he have for stealing undergarments? I can’t think of a damn thing.


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