Remember the Little Girl who was Kicked out of KFC because of her scars? It was a HOAX!

Who would do that? Who just goes on the Internet and lie? 

After the family of three-year-old Victoria Wilcher claimed they were asked to leave a KFC by a manager because their daughter’s scars, which she received from a pitbull attack, were scaring customers, KFC agreed to donate $30,000 to the girl’s family. However, KFC was sceptical of the family’s story, so they hired a private investigator to do a little bit of digging.

According to a report released by the Laurel Leader-Call, the whole incident was a hoax that never actually happened. Several details that the grandmother, who claimed to be eating lunch with Victoria during the incident, never actually happened. No security footage was found of Victoria with her grandmother in any KFC on the day the incident allegedly happened.

To add insult to injury, nobody, in the KFC that the alleged incident happened, or in any other KFC nearby, ordered mashed potatoes and sweet tea – an order the grandmother claimed to have made that day.

Intriguingly enough, the family had been trying to raise money for Victoria’s medical bills on GoFundMe, but was having no luck. Since Apirl 28, before the KFC incident, Victoria’s family had only raised $595 from 7 different donors. After the KFC incident, the family had raised a whopping $135,000.

In fact, people felt so bad for Victoria, doctors agreed to waive their fees to treat Victoria, and a Las Vegas plastic surgeon said he would provide Victoria with free plastic surgery. The Frank L. Stiles foundation also agreed to cover all costs of reconstructing Victoria’s face!

It was amazing to see worldwide support from people all around the world, as almost every news station was reporting it. Now that an investigator has looked into the basic facts that other journalists should have, instead of just copying and pasting news stories they find online; do you think people will come forward and apologize for reporting a hoax?

Sadly, KFC never kicked out Victoria because of her scars, an most of the doctors that offered to help will more than likely back out. That being said, a lawyer representing Victoria’s grandmother has stated that the family has not decided if they are going to take the money from KFC.

Regardless if it was a hoax or not, KFC has stated that their offer will always be on the table.



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