Thieves Attempt Carjacking, but Can’t Get Away Because they Can’t Drive Stick Shift!

Can anyone drive stick shift?

70-year-old Nancy Fredrickson was stopped by three men pointing guns in her face asking her to get out of her car, right outside of her Seattle home. The men took her keys, got into the car, but were unable to drive away after discovering that the car Nancy was driving had a stick shift.

At first Nancy thought the young men were just joking around, but when they asked for her keys a second time, she tossed them on the ground. You should know that Nancy could have whipped their asses because she has a black belt in karate. That being said, she decided not to because she figured the men would just use their gun to shoot her.

After trying to get the car started, but being unsuccessful, the three men got out of the car and ran away.

Nancy was happy that she was unharmed and she was able to keep her car, but she hopes that the police, who have images of the men thanks to a security camera, catch those idiotic criminals.


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