4-Year-old Girl foils sitter’s plot to blame ‘home invasion’ and robbery on ‘black men’

Kids just say the darndest things.

4-Year-old Abby Dean was left alone with her 17-year-old babysitter one night, and heard the sitter make a plan to steal the Dean family’s possessions and blame the theft on a group of “armed black men.” Placing the blame on black men, would of course, just be misdirection so that nobody would realize that the babysitter was the real thief.

Genius, right?

Not so much.

The babysitter was looking after Abby at the time when the sitter’s boyfriend, and another man entered the home with weapons and ordered everyone outside. Abby said that they took her kitty bank, i-pod, Xbox, and Wii.

The babysitter told police that she’d never seen the men before, but that they looked like an African American neighbor named Cody Oaks. Police took Oaks into custody, but Abby spoke up to the police and said that Cody Oaks couldn’t have been one of the robbers because he didn’t have the right skin colour.

Police then confronted the 17-year-old sitter about what Abby had said, and the sitter broke down and confessed everything.

You almost feel bad for the babysitter when you hear that she cried, but then you remember she blamed an innocent black guy for a crime she committed, and took advantage of the trust Abby’s parents put in her.

The babysitter would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for a meddling kid.


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