Angry Mom Tears off Sons Genitals and Tries to Put them BACK on with GLUE!

Everyone, by law, should be required to attend a parenting class to prevent stupid things like this from happening.

34-Year-old Jennifer Vargas plead guilty to tearing her young son’s genitals off, and then using glue to try and repair the damage. According to official reports, it is unclear why Jennifer became so angry in the first place with herĀ 6-year-old son that she felt the need to grab him by the genitals and pull.

Sadly, the injury was left undiscovered until the boy’s father came home and found his child crying in the room. Thankfully, the boy had surgery to repair the damage and is now okay.

As for Jennifer, she was sentenced to two years in federal prison, although that doesn’t seem like a harsh enough punishment to me. Her son is left damaged and scarred both physically and mentally, and I doubt any amount of therapeutic sessions will ever help him recover from the fact that his mom ripped off his genitals when he was a little boy.


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