New York lawmakers have officially banned ‘tiger selfies’!

I had no idea that tiger selfies were a legitimate legal issue, that required lawmakers to act quickly. 

New York State lawmakers recently passed a bill that banned residents from taking”tiger selfies” – an upcoming trend on dating websites. This trend involves single men posting photos of themselves posing with tigers, in the hopes of impressing women online.

Online trends are getting too ridiculous to keep up with.

Linda Rosenthal, a democrat, explained to the press that she introduced the legislation to raise safety at events such as circuses and fairs, but a side note of the bill was to end tiger selfies. The bill puts an end to “hugging, patting, or otherwise touching” tigers at fairs and circuses.

Won’t this just lead people to do that annoying 3-year-old tactic where they hold their finger right in front of your face and say I’m not touching you.

Linda Rosenthal said that members of the public can still pose with bears and monkeys but “they just have to take big cats off their list.”

One of Linda Rosenthal’s staff members said to a New York Post reporter, “I feel bad now…We’re kill bros’d reams and chances of being laid!”


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