Family Accidentally Recycles VCR with $6,000 Stashed Inside!

Rookie mistake.

One woman’s secret stash of over $6,000 became involved in one of the biggest mistakes of all time, after her family accidentally recycled it. The family received a VCR as a present a few years ago, but just sat on the shelf of their home for years, never playing a tape.

Little did they know, the woman who gifted them the VCR forgot that she had stashed $6,000 in cash in the VCR. Since the VCR was just taking up space, the family sent the device to the scrapyard, where it was to be dismantled, shredded, and hauled away.

There were three outcomes at this point:

  1.  An employee of the scrapyard found the stash before it was shredded
  2. It was shredded
  3. The VCR hadn’t been processed yet and was sitting in a truck.

What do you think is the most likely option? 

With the odds stacked against her, the woman traveled to the scrapyard in the middle at 5 AM with her daughter after she discovered the family had thrown out the VCR. It wasn’t going to be an easy find, because crews lugged away six trucks worth of old computers, and other appliances. Luckily, Michael Szanyi, the owner of the scrapyard said he and his employees would help look for it.

Luckily, crews found the VCR in the bottom of the sixth truck they had searched, and it was returned to the woman, cash still inside.


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