Newest Online Craze called ‘Bubbling’ sees Teens Urinating in their own Mouth

And people say today’s youth are a bunch of idiots who just want to seem cool. 

It started off as a joke spread by Australian skaters, but bubbling quickly evolving into the next ‘neknomination.’ Neknominations were a video phenomenon on Facebook where users would post a clip of themselves chugging alcohol, and doing crazy stunts. The goal was to try and one up the person who nominated you.

Now, bubbling is starting to take to social media in the way neknominations did. It started when a picture of a guy urinating into his own mouth at a rock concert was posted online. From there, many joked that the new phase called bubbling, in which men urinate into their own mouths, was called an “endemic” by Australian skater Troy West.

After Australian rugby league player Todd Carney was fired after pictures of him urinating into his own mouth appeared online, a Facebook page promoting bubbling emerged online called “Piss in your mouth for Todd Carney”. The goal was to show ‘support’ for Todd Carney.

Amazingly, people started posted pictures of themselves peeing into their own mouth…and I can’t help but think of this:

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