Man Fakes Death to Avoid Upcoming Wedding

As if faking his own death would be easier than just confronting his bride to be and telling her he didn’t want to get married.

23-Year-old Tucker Blandford met his bride to be Alex Lanchester while she was studying abroad in Connecticut. They instantly hit it off, and a year later when Alex had to return to her home in England, the couple was distraught. Tucker then proposed to her in the airport and she excitedly said yes.

So their relationship was a little rushed. Big Deal.

They were set to marry each other in August, and most of the wedding preparations had been made, and paid for upfront. However, a few days before the wedding, Alex received a call that her soon to be husband, Tucker, had suddenly become depressed and jumped into of oncoming traffic.

Sad, right?

When Alex called Tucker’s mother to offer her condolences, his mother was confused, as his son was alive, well, and sitting across from her at the moment eating breakfast. Tucker quickly confessed to calling Alex himself and faking his own death.

Yes, it sucks that he ruined this girl’s life and publicly embarrassed her, but that isn’t what bugs me most about this story. What really eats at me is the fact that Tucker did a piss poor job at faking his own death. If you are going to fake your own death, you have to go all out. You need to stage a funeral, and cut ties with all of your friends and family. You need to literally drop everything and move across the country and start all over again. You can’t just make one phone call and expect your fiancee to just let the whole thing go.

Did he really think that his fiancee was going to say “Oh, he’s dead – better just move on with my life and not talk to his parents or attend the funeral.” She literally droppedĀ everything to stay in America and live with the man who she thought wanted to marry her, and the best he could do is come up with a half assed attempt to fake his own death.


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