Family of Man Who Died Donating Sperm Wins $30,990 in Compensation Battle

He came, he saw…and then he died.

Zheng Gang, a PhD student of medical research, unexpectedly and mysteriously died after making four donations in 11 days at a sperm bank at the Wuhan University Hospital. Zheng was making his fifth donation, when he was found dead in the clinic.

The sperm bank and university offered to cover the student’s funeral costs, as well as pay $14,350 in compensation. The parents were unsatisfied with that number, and demanded $652,460 instead.

Courts denied that claim, but they ruled in favor of Zheng’s family, saying that he died on their premises, and the sperm bank should pay his family $30,990. Zheng’s parents were still unsatisfied with that settlement, and tried to appeal that decision, but a higher court upheld that ruling.

However, the weird situations of this case doesn’t end there. The cause of Zheng’s death remains very unclear, because his body was cremated without an autopsy.

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