Melbourne Surfer Bumps Into Thief While Reporting Theft To Police

It’s a small world, after all. 

Earlier in the week, Ross Moresi discovered that two of his surfboards, worth around $1,000 each, had been stolen from him. He sent photos of his boards to local surf shops, and one of the stores had contacted him back saying that a man came in and sold the two boards to them. The store offered up the video footage, and name of the man who sold the stolen boards to the store to Ross Morsei when he contacted them back.

Now that Ross had the evidence he needed, he headed to the police station, where he ran into a man named Daniel Burne – the man who had stolen his surf boards.

According to Moresi, “A random bloke walked in checking in for bail, as he gave them his name, I had it on a piece of paper, it triggered my memory…I looked down, it was the same bloke.”

Moresi then contacted the police, and the officers in the station couldn’t believe what was going on. One of the head officers came down into the lobby, and he allegedly had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.

While Moresi was incredibly lucky that day, Daniel Burne couldn’t believe his luck. He was arrested and charged with handling stolen goods, obtaining property by deception, and committing an indictable offence while on bail. He plead guilty to the charges and received 120 hours of community service.

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