Woman Undergoes Surgery To Add Third Boob

They call her the Tri-fecta.

Jasmine Tridevil, an aspiring MTV reality star recently underwent a $20,000 surgery to add a third breast to her chest. She contacted 50 different doctors, all but one of which refused because they claimed they would be breaking the code of ethics.

Jasmine’s third breast is constructed in the middle of her chest using a silicone implant and skin tissue cut out from her abdomen. The surgeon was unable to make an artificial areola, so she had one tattooed on.

The woman, who has repeatedly said in interviews that it is her dream to have her own MTV reality show, said her parents didn’t take the news of her new breast well. Her mother won’t talk to her, and won’t let her sister talk to her either. Furthermore, Jasmine claims that her father is actually ashamed of her.

When asked why she got the surgery in the first place, Jasmine stated “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore…Most guys would think [the extra breast] is weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know…feel pretty.”

In other words: Hey MTV! Please pay attention to me. trifecta

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