Food Truck Sold Tacos With “A Side of Meth”

Scoring meth is way easier than it used to be.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 37, has been accused in leading the Gonzalez Drug Trafficking Organization, which was recently shut down after seventeen people were arrested. One of those seventeen people arrested is accused of selling meth out of a taco truck.

According to Attorney General John Suthers, “Customers could literally walk up to a food truck and order a side of meth with their taco.”

Maria Arellano, 39, is the perosn accused of selling meth out of a taco truck. Unsurprisingly, customers would walk up and say code words such as “six pack” and “yellow cups” to identify how much meth they wanted to buy with their taco.

I’m surprised that meth heads even eat tacos. You would think that a taco truck would be selling marijuana, not methamphetamine.

The owner of the food truck claims to have had no idea about the drug business that was operating out of his vehicle. The Attorney General’s office has stated that they are not pressing charges against the owner of the food truck, just the woman who was working there. .

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