Man Tries To Rob Bank After Showing Two Forms of ID

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

49-Year-old Nathan Wayne Pugh should know better at his age, and after the life he has had. As a career criminal, you would think that he would know that when he’s robbing a bank, it’s best to remain anonymous. 

There are two things every bank robber has to do:

  1.  Steal money
  2. Remain Anonymous

You’d think that keeping your identity a secret would be easy, but when Pugh tried to rob a bank last July, the teller told him he needed to show two types of ID. Amazingly, Pugh cooperated and showed the teller his Wells Fargo debit card, and his Texas state ID card.

Pugh tried to flee with $800, but was quickly apprehended. At his trial, he plead guilty, and a federal judge sentenced him to serve 8 years in prison. Prosecutors later realized he was on parole for two other robberies (third time’s the charm?), and his new sentence runs consecutive with two 26-year terms for his previous robberies.

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