Sheriff Assaults Driver After He’s Asked For His Badge And Screams: “Here’s my badge, motherf*cker”

Is this real life, or a 1990’s cop movie with excellent one liners?

52-Year-old Rio Arriba Sheriff Tommy Rodella, was convicted Friday on federal firearms charges, assault, and violation of a citizen’s civil rights after a road rage incident that happened last March.

It all started when Rodella tailgated motorist Michael Tafoya, making a “come at me bro” gesture to him. Rodella, who was driving in his own vehicle, with his son in the passenger seat, followed Tafoya as he tried to speed away.

After cornering Tafoya, Rodella and his son pulled him from his vehicle, and threw him onto the ground. The Sheriff pulled a gun on the man, as he begged for his life.

After his son mentioned that Rodella was the local sheriff, Tafoya asked to see his badge. To his amazement, Rodella shouted “Here’s my badge, motherf*cker,” and grabbed him by the hair and punched him in the face multiple times.

Tafoya was arrested at the scene, but his case was dismissed after several witnesses said they saw Rodella beating Tafoya to a bloody pulp.

This isn’t the first time the Sheriff has been at the centre of controversy, either. Before being elected in 2010, he had been disciplined for marijuana use, improper use of a weapon, falsifying official reports, abusing sick leave, and his position for personal gain, and he had even been investigated by the FBI for taking bribes!

I think everyone is just misunderstanding. Tommy Rodella is taking the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine to a whole new level.

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