Dog Candidate To Officially Start Run At Oakland Mayor’s Office Thursday

Is man’s best friend Oakland’s best candidate?

No. Definitely not. But, apparently a group of Occupy Oakland veterans disagree. This group is entering Einstein the dog in the race to be mayor, not for the tongue in cheek publicity they are getting, but they claim it is a social commentary on how hard it is to hold an individual accountable for running the city.

Einstein the dog is quite the socialist, as some of his platforms include fighting “Orwellian surveillance,” creating maximum wage limits, and criminal penalties that are based on a person’s wealth.

Einstein, who is a shepherd mix, has his own webpage where his slogan is proudly displayed: “He’s a very good dog. He’ll be a very good mayor.”

Even though the dog can’t legally hold public office in Oakland, he has garnered international recognition and created a ton of publicity for the cause that his owners are fighting for. Sadly, for Einstein can’t express his political ideas himself, because, you know, he’s a f*cking dog.

For all we know, his handlers misinterpreted his political ideas, and Einstein is a Capitalist and believes in trickle down economics.

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