Queensland Man Attempts To Rob Gas Station With Boomerang – Fails Miserably

He was quickly apprehended after being unable to dispose of his weapon.

Are boomerangs meant to be threatening? Because I went to a party when I was 11, and everyone was given a boomerang and we were just throwing them around like a bunch of hoodlums. In fact, I was even hit with a boomerang, and it didn’t even hurt. I only cried for 10 minutes.

An Australian man who hasn’t been named publicly tried to rob a service station with a boomerang. This attempted robbery raised concern over the Brisbane’s lenient boomerang ownership laws.

In America, gun control is a hot topic of debate. In Australia, apparently boomerang control is a hot topic of debate.

A Queensland police spokesperson said that the man was served with a public nuisance misdemeanor, because nobody was hurt and nothing was stolen in the incident. He’s the worst robber ever. He didn’t even take anything.

Is there even enough room inside of a gas station to throw a boomerang and have it come back, or is it just the equivalent of throwing a stick at someone’s face?

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