Couple Shares Bed With Sex Dolls

If that isn’t a party then I don’t know what is.

Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow are a couple who have been dating for over a year.  Oh and they also regularly sleep with SEX DOLLS in bed with them.  Since 2010 Dave has had a fetish for sex dolls and the couple use one of them during sessions quite frequently.  The doll, who they have named Terry has 3 different options for its private parts.  It was weird enough that they named the doll… But does it really need three different schlongs?  I guess Dave and Shawna like variety.

They commented on it explaining, “it is kind of like a threesome but nobody gets hurt…”  So, if you’re a single sex doll ready to mingle hit this couple up!  I’m sure they’ll find time for you too.


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