Man Who Prompted Indiana Bestiality Law Charged…Again

I like that he tried to get away with it…after a law was created because of him.

I don’t like to wish for bad things to happen to dumb people, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little happy when reading about this news story.

42-Year-Old Michael Bessigano was arrested last Friday in his home on charges of bestiality, and two other felony counts. What’s absolutely astonishing to me, is that I actually read that he was convicted of animal cruelty, on the basis that he was having sexual relations with animals. In fact, it was his caseĀ that persuaded lawmakers to pass a law against sexual relations with animals.

This time, Michael was arrested after sexually abusing a guinea pig. How? How do you sexually abuse a guinea pig? Never mind. I don’t want to know the details of the case. But what I do want to know is how Michael can sleep with himself at night, after he literally f*cked a bird to death.

He’s had a history of bestiality behaviour. Besides the two events mentioned above, he served 33 months for downloading bestiality pornography, served a 4 year conviction for having sex with a chicken, and was convicted of abusing a Rottweiler in 1993.

He is the primary reason lawmakers in Indiana said to themselves “Wow, maybe people shouldn’t have sex with animals.”

That’s not a reputation I would be comfortable having.


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