TSA Agent Spills Deceased Mother’s Ashes All Over Son’s Suitcase

How do you apologize for that?

We’ve all had our fair share of airport horror stories, and it seems that security updates are only getting more and more extreme. The choice at most American airports is to either get frisked, or scanned to reveal basically what your body looks like while naked. It doesn’t help that TSA Agents have been caught making fun of passengers who are walking through the scanner. Furthermore, it’s a mystery how these photos randomly “leak” online.

A Cleveland man realized just how horrible the TSA can be while on a trip to Puerto Rico to spread his mother’s ashes across the countryside, as she had requested. When he unzipped his bag after arriving, he had seen that an unnamed TSA agent had opened the urn, and spilled the mother’s ashes all over his belongings.

Urns just don’t open themselves. Someone must have opened it up, spilled the ashes, thought to themselves “Oh shit,” and just closed the bag up and gave it the green light.

The only thing that notified the man that his bag had been searched was a notice that basically said, “Hey man, we checked your bag. You better be cool with that because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The man said that he padded the urn with his clothing, so that the urn wouldn’t move around while travelling.

Although it’s been two years since the incident, the Cleveland man has finally filed a lawsuit after his lawyer stated “No person on behalf of the United States or TSA has ever issued an apology, explanation, or notification…aside from the bag search notice.”

Does he have the right to sue?

2 thoughts on “TSA Agent Spills Deceased Mother’s Ashes All Over Son’s Suitcase

  1. On the one hand we have the tsa telling us to comply for our own safety, while at the same time websites pop up making fun of the innefective TSA by showing pictures of all the dangerous things normal people have smuggled onto their flights. At the same time, even with the TSA, things like the Boston bombing still occur.

    …Here’s my problem with all of this… I want to either give up certain freedoms for safety, or be absolute in my rights and understanding the danger; but what we have right now is the constant undermining of our civil liberties while at the same time realizing that we are very much in ever present danger.

    Yes he should sue. The tsa isn’t full of highly trained personnel, its full of people just like you and me, and many of them are on a power trip.

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  2. This is so stupid. The evidence is literally “the urn was open when it got there.” I’d say that it’s much more likely that it just opened due to the rough treatment of bags by the baggage handlers (which is expected). His excuse that he padded it with clothes is like padding a bottle of wine then being upset when it shatters from the bag being dropped. I can’t believe people are this stupid.


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