Man Wears “F*ck The Police” Shirt to Court – Wins Case! His story will piss you off

F*ck the police, respect the judge.

Michael Burns doesn’t have a problem with authority, he just had a really bad encounter with two cops. It all started when he was at the side of the highway, recording cops kicking people, when he was asked by an officer to leave the scene.

Burns responded by writing on LiveLeak, “It was public property and I was told they were only being kicked out to ‘ruin their fun’ by the first officer I contacted,”

Burns then claimed he left the scene, but a deputy followed him in his car and eventually pulled him over. Burns said he was pulled over by the same officer that had kicked him off of public property, and that “6 other cars pulled up surrounding my car during the stop.”

The officer told Burns that the FOP badge on his plate was obstructing, and issued him a ticket. Burns refused to answer any of the cops questions at the scene, and said he would fight the cop in court. Burns stated that he had to take the day off work in order to appear in front of the judge.

After an incredibly short hearing, a judge ruled in Burns favor.


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