Cops Pepper Spray Black Teen In His Own Living Room After Mistaking Him For Burglar

Know what the media hasn’t been really reporting lately? Police brutality fueled by racism.

 North Carolina teenager DeShawn Currie is a fostet child in a white family, but his family doesn’t view him any less than a member of their family. He was adopted into his new family only a year ago, and the family moved to a new neighborhood last July.

When heading home from school one day, DeShawn entered through the door at the side of his house, and a neighbor happened to see him. Instinctively, the neighbor thought “What’s that black kid doing going into a white person’s house” and called the police.

As a result of being new to the neighborhood, the neighbor who called the cops must have been completely oblivious to who actually lived in the house near them. Obviously, in their mind, a black teenager couldn’t have lived there.

How do you even apologize for that? 

“Hey – sorry I called the police on your son. I saw him entering the house and just assumed he was a criminal. I wasn’t stereotyping because he was black or anything. I’m not racist. I have black friends.”

When police arrived, DeShawn was interrogated, to which he tried to tell them that he lived in the house that he was currently standing in. He tried explaining that he lived with a white family, but they refused to believe such a mind boggling concept.

Police officers pointed at family photos around the house, asking why DeShawn wasn’t in any of them. Since the photos featured three young, white children, police asked how DeShawn fit into the family. Frustrated, DeShawn became angry with officers, and eventually one of the officers pepper sprayed DeShawn inside of his living room. As you can imagine, the Currie family is pissed off beyond all belief.

But, on the other hand, you can see why police officers didn’t believe DeShawn when he said he lived there. There was no evidence of DeShawn being a resident there, and you would assume that the neighbor who called the cops was aware of who actually lived in that house.


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