Thai Traffic Cops Offered Cash To Turn Down Bribes

The bribe to end all bribes.

Thailand’s traffic cops are going to be rewarded with a sum of money for refusing to accept bribes. This new policy is being put into effect by the military, who now runs the country, to try and reduce the corruption in the police force.

Police Major General Adul Narongsak, already stated that the new policy is working well for officers. Recently, two policemen were awarded $310 for refusing a $3 bribe.

Basically – if Thai cops do what they are supposed to have always been doing, they’ll be slipped some extra cash. This is like when parents buy their children lavish high school graduation presents. Meeting the minimum requirement should not be rewarded, it should be expected.

As it turns out, unlike most countries in the world, Thailand’s police officers are paid poorly. On average, they make about $185 a month for their public service. It is easy to see why traffic cops can be slipped a few bucks so that a motorist in need can avoid getting a ticket.

Thailand is ranked 102 out of 177 countries in Transparency International 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index, which makes you wonder: If the stereotype is that Thai police officers accept bribes, and they are only the 102nd most corrupt in the world, how much worse does it get? 


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