Google Hires Camel For Desert Street View Expedition

The camel is named Raffia.

Google, whose mission it seems is to document every square inch of Earth, recently sent a camel to document the shifting sands of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Oasis. This camel is part of a dedicated team of Google employees, who work in the Google’s Street View Treks department.

The Liwa Oasis is a 100 kilometer-wide scenic desert, and the sand dunes are absolutely beautiful. As a result, Google wanted to capture photos of the sands for Google Street View, but wanted to do so in a natural way as possible so that the environment isn’t damaged.

Nothing says natural like strapping a giant, 360 degree camera on the back of a camel.

Other Street View Treks previously explored by Google are the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, the Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian pyramids, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Google is even working on document subaquatic Treks around the waters of the Galapagos Islands!

Now, while it’s nice of Raffia the camel to dedicate her time to travelling through the desert, we need to focus on the real hero: the guy who remained nameless and accompanied Raffia on her journey. 

He was tasked with mapping out the desert…with no company…besides a camel with a giant camera on it’s back. News articles didn’t even take the time to find out the guy’s name, but he is literally in every photo posted to different news websites. Everyone is just ignoring the poor guy.

In fact, on one website, they literally show a photo of the camel, the camera, and the man walking with the camel…but their caption only addresses the fact that you can see the camel and the camera. 

On CNN, they address the fact that you can only see Raffia’s shadow in the photos, but they never say anything about the handler. There is no mention of him throughout the entire article. Who is he? Why can he dedicate his time to walking with a camel? Does he own the camel? Is he some sort of engineer? 

I’d be pissed at Raffia if I were him, he/she/it is taking all of the glory from this Google Trek.


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