Student Arrested After 2 Flamingos Die In Frat Prank Gone Wrong

Oh, Fraternities. You never fail to impress me with your tales of idiocy. 

It all started on Monday night/early Tuesday morning when Devin Nottis, a University of Southern Mississippi freshman, broke into the Hattiesburg Zoo and stole a flamingo as part of a fraternity scavenger hunt. Instead of just taking a photo of the animal like he was supposed to, he took it upon himself to break into the cage and steal the bright pink bird.

While trying to steal her, a struggle ensued between Devin Nottis, the flamingo he stole, and it’s mate. The flamingo he stole was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, and as a result, had to be euthanized later in the day. The male flamingo was found dead in the morning with severe internal injuries and scrapes all over its body.

Devin Norris was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with grand larceny and trespassing in the case. He was to sit in jail until Friday, October 10, where a judge is to hear his case.

The fraternity he was pledging, the Delta Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha “PIKE”, has been suspended for 30 days while the school tries to decide the frats future. During the suspension, Devin Nottis is prohibited from stepping foot on Southern Mississippi campus for any reason other than to attend judicial proceedings. He may be arrested if he is found on campus for any reason other than the judicial proceedings.



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