Impotent man inserts metal rod into penis!

One man tried to make his penis work again by sticking a metal rod into his penis…  The 52 year old, Kang Niu, almost died when a metal rod which he had shoved up his penis had shot backwards into his bladder.   Now if you’re wondering why anyone would ever think this was a good idea, he apparently came up with the idea as he was having troubles keeping a girlfriend due to his impotency.

He lived with the pain for months and after a while he decided to get it removed.  The doctors exclaimed it was a relatively simple surgery.  They had no comment on if it caused long term damage to the man’s internal organs.  Ironically, this man may have destroyed his penis forever while trying to maintain a permanent boner.  Well my only advice for him would be to keep his head up…  Heh heh


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