Police Tell Wrong Parents Their Son Died

Awkward. Sorry about that.

After an unfortunate car accident in Juneau, Alaska, a state trooper and local police officer informed Jay and Karen Priest that their 29-year-old son Justin had passed away.

After grieving together, the parents decided it would be best to go to their son’s house and inform his girlfriend of Justin’s tragic passing. Luckily for them, when they knocked on the door, they were shocked to see that Justin himself opened the door.

As it turns out, the real victim, and the same first and last name as Justin Priest, but a different age and middle name.

Naturally, the police chief apologized to the family, saying he feels absolutely horrible and mistakenly telling them that their son died.

Just imagine how the chief is going to break the news to the real family of Justin Priest. He’s going to knock on the door, ask them pretty much every detail about their son, and then say “Have you been watching the news lately? Did you see that news story about the police officer that told the wrong family that their son died? Well, that was me…and I have some bad news for you.”

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