Chicago Man Joins Marathon Runners While Trying To Escape Police

Just act natural. You’ll blend right in.

29-Year-old Bryan Duffy who happens to be a real estate agent, was minding his own business, digging around flower pots, when police officers approached him and asked him what he was doing. Bryan, being the calm man that he is, decided to act natural and make a run for it to avoid answering the question that the officers asked him.

There’s literally nothing suspicious about running away from police officers for no apparent reason.

Bryan, while running away from the police, stumbled into the route of a marathon, and thought it would be best to try and run along with the runners to blend in. Unfortunately for him, the fact that he was bumping into the other runners and knocking them over blew his cover.

Police continued to chase him and eventually tackled him. Upon being searched, it was revealed that Bryan had 10 capsules of suspected MDMA, and a wad of bills totalling $531.

Is the real estate market really that bad right now?

Duffy was charged with possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, reckless conduct for putting marathon runners in danger, and of course, for being an idiot.

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