Kindergarten Teacher Quits Job To Twerk On Vine for 6 Figure Salary

How did she break the news to her students?

22-Year-old Jessica Vanessa was an everyday recreational twerker/kindergarten teacher, until she became Vine famous. Making only six second videos of her shaking what her momma gave her, Jessica was able to gather a following of two million followers on vine, and attract the interest of advertisers.

According to Jessica, “What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant.” All she has to do is shake her ass and companies will throw money at her! That’s not demeaning at all, right?

Despite the sudden career switch, Jessica says her family has supported her on this journey. In fact, her brother is usually her cameraman, which is a little weird if you ask me but at the same time I’m not the one making six figures shaking my ass for millions of fans on the internet…yet.

Jessica says that although she is faced with criticism everyday, and she’s suffered multiple breakdowns as a result of the comments made by people online, she has been able to pay off her school debt, and buy a new car. She also says she doesn’t miss working a 9-5 day.

Realistically though, how long do you think her career as a twerker will last? I’m not sure when a twerker hits their ‘prime’, but I do know that it will be a hell of a lot harder for her to find a job as a kindergarten teacher after this.

Watch her twerk here

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