Italy Frees Itself From Recession Thanks to Drugs and Prostitution

I’ve been saying it for years now: Hookers make the world go round.

In 2010, SEC, a new system used to measure countries GDP’s, which basically, in layman’s terms, is how much money a country has in all of its assets. Some of Italy’s most important assets, as they recently found out, is prostitution and drug trade.

In fact, since Italy included prostitution, drug trade, and black market cigarettes and alcohol in their GDP calculation, their GDP rose from a declining 0.1% to a flat reading, meaning their GDP is neither going up or down.

This flat reading means Italy has just jumped over a huge hurdle, as it signifies their escape from their third recession in six years.

The Italian government is currently struggling to find a way to boost GDP, and it is set to decline another 0.2%. While the government tries to come up with a plan to meet their goal of a 0.6% rise in 2015, they are trying to think outside the box. They need to focus on what boosted their economy in the first place: Hookers, and illegal narcotics.


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