Woman Falls Behind on Yard Work – Gets Sent To Jail

Oh, what’s that? You’re a struggling family that can’t afford to take a day off to clean your yard? Better send you to jail.

Karen Holloway of Lenoir City has been sentenced to serve 5 days in jail, with the possibility of getting her sentence extended, for not maintaining her front lawn.

Karen says this fiasco started over the summer, when the city sent her a citation saying she needed to clean up her lawn…or else.¬†However, due to the fact that Karen works a full time job, her husband who is a former marine is in school and working full time, and she is trying to raise two children, she couldn’t exactly find the time to do a little yard work.

Karen feels like she is being bullied, and that the “floodgates have been opened” for other citizens in Lenoir City to be sent to jail for trivial things. Although, Karen was the first to admit that her yard was messy.

Instead of hiring someone to do the yard work for her, and then simply send her the bill, Judge Terry Vann decided it would be best for her to serve 5 days in prison, despite saying that she was not a criminal, and this was not a criminal case.

Neither Judge Terry Vann, nor the man who is supposed to speak on behalf of Code enforcement officers could be contacted.

Do you think¬†anyone should be sent to jail for not maintaining their lawn? Because I sure as hell don’t.

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