Inflatable Christmas Tree Accused of Being 80-Foot Butt Plug

So what if it is? 

Although it’s only October, an 80-foot Christmas tree has been erected in Place Vendome in the beautiful city of Paris, but a lot of people aren’t happy about it. It’s supposed to be a Christmas tree, but everyone sees it for what it really is: A giant sex toy.

So who, who was the monster that thought it would be a good idea to put a giant butt plug in the middle of Place Vendome in Paris?

Paul McCarthy, not to be confused with this lovable bloke:

McCarthy has garnered quite the reputation for making provocative sculptures, like the giant inflatable of poop he made for Hong Kong, most people thought it wasn’t art though, they just called it a pile of shit. Then there was the sculpture of Santa Claus holding a tree that looked an awful lot like a penis in Rotterdam, he was a real dick for that one. And finally, then there was the sculpture he made of two robotic George W Bushes having sex with pigs in London. It was f*cked up.

So, why did he decide to put this giant sex toy in Paris? Because it’s art, duh. You just don’t get it.

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