€27,850 Awarded In Lawsuit to 61-Year-Old Woman That Fell Off Toilet

F*cking old people.

A 61-year-old woman who injured her knee when she fell off of her toilet in her home, was awarded €27,850 in Civil Court. Isabela O’Sullivan claimed to be so frightened that when a wall tile fell down as she sat on the toilet, it scared her, and she fell forward injuring her knee.

As it turns out, old lady O’Sullivan had her bathroom re-tiled just weeks before the toilet incident. According to her lawyer, the contractor who was in charge of remodeling the bathroom was liable for the incident. The contractor claimed that he hired someone else to do the tiling, so he himself shouldn’t be sued. Furthermore, the contractor said that the woman had wanted different tiles initially, so she tried to pry off some of the tiles during the renovation.

O’Sullivan said that she had to visit her doctor several times because of her knee pain, and has started to see a specialist and undergo physiotherapy sessions.

However, the contractor argued that O’Sullivan always had a knee issue, and she would always say that she was unable to go for long walks like she used to.

In order to get the case straightened out, forensic engineer Barry Tennyson told the judge had fallen because of “poor workmanship” and the possibility that the wrong adhesive had been applied to it.

The judge ruled in favor of old lady O’Sullivan, and awarded her €25,000 damages for pain and suffering, along with €2,500 for replacing all of the tiles, and expenses of €350.

The moral of the story? You can literally sue someone for anything, including falling off your own toilet.

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