Man Fights Off Bear With Old Computer In Siberia

They just don’t make computers strong enough to be used as weapons like the good ol’ days.

An unidentified Siberian man was looking for scrap metal in a junk yard, when he was spotted by a bear. According to the man, the bear immediately rushed towards him and was getting ready to maul his sorry ass.

Not knowing what to do, the man grabbed the first piece of junk that he could find, which happened to be an old computer, and threw it at the animal. The animal, confused, turned around and ran away from the man, as he ran away from the bear.

The man only injured his hand throwing the computer, but there have been other instances of technology saving people’s lives from bear attacks.

In July, another Siberian man was being mauled by a bear, when the sound of his phone turning on confused the bear and caused it to run away. The man had been mauled nearly to pieces, and had a bite wound on his head, was able to escape with his life.

Next time a bear is going to attack you, don’t worry about making yourself big or playing dead, just throw your Nokia at it. That should do the trick.

The Stupid News Network is not liable for any injury you may sustain after throwing your cellphone at a bear. 

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