‘Miss Hitler 2014’ Contest Seeking Anti-Semitic Hotties

It’s just like a regular beauty competition, except you have to love Hitler and hate Jews.

Participants in the Nazi-inspired beauty pageant dubbed ‘Miss Hitler 2014’ is calling for attractive women to post selfies on the Russian version of Facebook, VKontakte. Along with their photo, applicants have to post why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler,”

So nothing too serious.

At least 14 aspiring models from Russia and Eastern Europe have entered the contest that glorifies and celebrates Nazi Germany and the fascist, brutal, totalitarian government ruled by Adolf Hitler…a man that was responsible for the genocide of nearly six million Jewish people.

And now his fans are honoring him in the best way imaginable…by having a beauty pageant to celebrate his life. I’m sure that’s what Hitler would’ve wanted.

Jewelry covered in Nazi symbolism is offered as a prize to the winner, which will be determined by who receives the most ‘likes’ on their photo. What’s funny to me, is that anytime someone on my Facebook enters a contest they share their entry so that people can like and comment on it, to show their support. I hope that in Russia, some Nazi-inspired hate machine shares her photo asking her friends and family to support her in the contest, and they just rip her to pieces for being ignorant.

One contestant, Katya Shkredova entered the contest wearing a Nazi hat, and said that she was entering the contest because she liked that Hitler was willing to “experiment on people.”

If you’re interested in entering the contest, you need to meet these requirements:

  1. Be a woman.
  2. Be a Nazi.
  3. Be a woman Nazi.
  4. Be a woman who hates Jews.
  5. Be a member of the “Adolf Hitler” VKontakte group.
  6. Post a sexy Nazi pic.
  7. Get other Nazis to like your pic.
  8. Don’t insult other women’s pictures.

You have to be a Nazi and say you hate millions of people you’ve never met, but heaven forbid that you leave mean comments on other women’s pictures.

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