12-Year-Old boy Needs Help Finding The Best Shirt Ever

The Holy Grail of shirts.

Joe Archibold, a 12-year-old from Longmont, Colorado is looking for a very specific polo shirt. He needs to find it in less than a year, so he, and his family, have started asking for help from people online to help him track it down.

The shirt is primarily blue, but has white and grey stripes. It’s a pretty standard polo shirt, which Joe already has a small and medium, but now he needs a large size.

It all started when Joe accidentally wore the same hand me down polo on picture day two years in a row. When he realized that, he figured he might as well just keep wearing it.

And a tradition was born.

He continued wearing his polo on picture day until it was too small for him, so he was luckily able to put on the next size up, a medium. Both of the shirts were handed down to him from his cousins and are around 9 years old, and Joe fears that the shirt he is looking for can no longer be bought from any store. He believes it is made by the Sonoma brand from Kohl’s.

When asked why he wore the shirt for the first time, he said “I thought it was a really nice shirt, so I wore it to class pictures in second grade”

Joe says he wears his favorite polo often, and praises the shirt for lasting as long as it has.

“It’s in really good condition,” he says. “It’s just a really nice shirt.”

Joe just had his sixth grade photo taken, so he has just under a year to find a shirt in the same style as his favorite polo, otherwise the tradition will come to an end.

Joe has passed the shirts that are too small for him, down to his one year old nephew, Harlan. Harlan’s dad has already said that when his son is old enough, he will commit him to the blue polo shirt tradition as well.

Joe isn’t just doing this for him anymore. He’s doing it for Harlan.

Update: He found the shirt! Read moreĀ hereĀ 

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