Chinese Woman, 26, dumped by boyfriend – spends entire week in KFC

Taking comfort food to a whole new level.

After being dumped by her boyfriend, 26-year-old Tan Shen was walking around a train station near her house, when she decided to stop at KFC for a little bit of comfort food.

“I hadn’t planned on staying there long, I just wanted some chicken wings” admits Tan Shen, but her stay at KFC was a little longer than the average visit.

Claiming she needed time to think, Tan Shen stayed at the KFC in the train station forĀ a week. She didn’t leave, not even to go to work. She had called in sick for the week in order to stay at KFC which was helping her get over her breakup.

After a few days, the workers began to realize that she looked very familiar, and that they had been serving her for multiple days, 24 hours a day. She told them that she didn’t want to head back to her apartment because it was filled with memories of her ex-boyfriend.

Since Tan Shen wasn’t harming anyone, the employees let her stay, because she was, afterall, a paying customer. However, after a week of eating nothing but Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tan Shen decided it would be best to spend the rest of her post breakup phase at her parents house, mainly because local media showed up at the restaurant to write about her.

I guess she didn’t want to seem pathetic.

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