Man Fakes Coma For Two Years To Escape Theft Charge

The most boring escape ever.

A well known British fraudster, 47-year-old Alan Knight, claimed he was a quadriplegic and faked being in a coma for two years to escape prosecution for a $73,000 theft. The theft in question involved Alan Knight conning an elderly neighbor out of their savings. So you know, he’s basically a huge asshole.

Doctors finally spotted Alan Knight eating, wiping his face, and even writing. As you can imagine, they were stunned because his charade had lasted two years! Further investigation revealed Alan Knight pushing around a shopping cart inside of a supermarket, and even driving.

It sounds like if anyone was paying any attention to him whatsoever, they would’ve realized that he was trying to con them.

Helen, Alan’s wife helped her husband keep up the charade by tending to her ‘vegetative’ husband.

Detective Constable Paul Harry, from South Wales police said to reporters “In my entire career this is the most calculated, long-term deception of a vulnerable, elderly neighbour I have ever seen..”

Knight plead guilty to 19 counts of theft and forgery.


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