Putting your Feet Up on New York Subway Will Get You A Ticket & Maybe A Night In Jail

How is this a law?

Although this law has been in effect for quite some time, it wasn’t until recently that I realized how incredibly stupid this law really was. A former classmate of mine was riding the subway to her home in East Harlem, after working a late shift at work. While riding the train, there was nobody around her, and she put up her feet so she was at least comfortable during her hour long commute.

To her surprise, an undercover police officer approached her, pulled her off the train, and told her that it was illegal to put her feet up while on the subway. You think that this law would only really be enforced during rush hour, when people need the seats Рnot when nobody is around.

After being dragged off the train, an officer not in uniform demanded to see identification. She was forced off the subway for close to 20 minutes, and then had to wait another 20 minutes for the next train. In the mean time, the two officers laughed and joked around at her expense as she stood alone, sobbing in the train station.

What the f*ck NYPD? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

In 2012, the NY Times posted a lengthy article focusing on the ridiculous things that have happened in order to enforce this law. One of these cases, is of William D Peppers.

William was riding the subway around 4 a.m, late for work, and as the train passed through Midtown Manhattan, he put his feet up and nodded off. He was awoken by a tap on the shoulder by a police officer who pulled him off the train, and informed him that putting his feet up was a crime. Again, empty train.

William spent 12 hours in jail, causing him to lose a days wages, before he stood in front of a judge and plead guilty. He was handed a $50 ticket and went on his way.

To enforce this law when nobody is even on the train is absolutely ridiculous. How does putting your feet up on an empty train make you a criminal? Please tell me. I’m all ears.

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