Woman Attacks Boyfriend In Fight Over Blanket

She just wanted to cuddle.

Florida police officers rushed to a home where neighbors reported that a woman had been standing outside of her home for 15 minutes screaming at the top of her lungs. After a brief investigation and listening to the words coming out of the woman’s mouth for about 30 seconds, police discovered she was fighting over a blanket with her boyfriend.

The police arrived on scene at 4:14 a.m at the home of Emma Campbell and her boyfriend Alexander McCall. The couple was arguing over who could use a blanket.

A f*cking blanket.

Their verbal fight turned into a full on tug of war, which then escalated into Emma Campbell clawing at her boyfriend’s body, cutting him numerous times with her finger nails. She was arrested and charged with battery.

It must have been a cuddly blanket. I see where she’s coming from though. Nobody wants to share a bed with someone who hogs all the blankets and sheets. For all we know, he had all the blankets, she had none, and was freezing to death.

Or, you know, maybe she’s just psycho. 

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