Football Coach Fired Because Parent Claims Eating Watermelon is Racist

Do you know what’s racist? Thinking that eating watermelon is racist. 

A winning high-school football coach, Bud Walpole, has been fired in the middle of a very successful season. The reason for his firing is due to the fact that the team has a tradition of eating watermelon after games, and this tradition has been deemed “inappropriate” and “racist.”

The tradition began when players used to buy watermelons from a man who had been selling them on their way to their football games. If they won the game, the team decided they would eat the watermelon. They did win, and they smashed the watermelon on the ground before eating it. The reason they smashed the watermelon was because none of them had a knife to cut it, and a tradition was born!

The ritual has been continuing for all of their victories since then, however the tradition is coming to an end.

Mike Miller, a school-board member said a parent approached him and said he was offended by the students eating watermelon. The parent also claimed some of the kids were making what sounded like monkey noises.

The parent’s complaint sparked an investigation into the watermelon ritual, and eventually led to Walpole’s firing as coach. He is still allowed to teach at the school, and thousands have signed an online petition demanding that he is allowed to coach again.

I think the only racist part about this whole story, is a parent assuming that by eating watermelon, the students were making fun of black people.

It’s only racist because you made it racist.

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