Man Gets Stuck Inside Woman During Sea Sex Thanks To Water Suction

Don’t feel bad, I’m sure it’s happened to lots of people. 

Have you ever fantasized about having sex on the beach? That fantasy is about to be tainted by the harsh reality of how dangerous having sex on the beach actually is. First of all, you’re probably going to get some sort of yeast infection or some form of gangrene. Nobody wants that. Secondly, it is actually possible for the male to get stuck inside of the woman.

I know. You’re horrified and intrigued at the same time. 

Apparently, an Italian couple who didn’t want to be identified were having a little sexy time on a deserted beach in Porto San Giorgio. Things were getting heated, so luckily they were in the water to cool themselves off. Unfortunately, things became a little awkward when the man realizes that he wasn’t able to….remove himself because a suction was created with her lady parts thanks to the sea water.

The couple were rescued by a woman who just wanted to take a nice stroll on the beach, and happened to stumble upon the couple that was in a bit of a pickle. The woman handed them a towel to protect their dignity, as if they had any of that left at this point.

You’ve got a dick stuck inside of you, lady, this is the low point of your life.

The woman called an ambulance, and the couple was brought to the hospital. There, the woman was injected with something normally reserved for child birth, that causes the cervix to dilate.

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