8-Year Old Scores First Touch Down, Results In $500 Fine For His Team

Remember. These days everyone has to be a winner. 

Parents of the Lawrenceville Black Knights were appalled when one of their players scored his first touchdown and instead of being congratulated, the team was slapped with a $500 fine. This fine was due to the fact that when the boy scored his touchdown, he violated the league’s mercy rule.

The ‘mercy’ rule states that no team is allowed to win by more than 33-points. If a team is getting close to winning by that much, the coach of the team is supposed to tell the players to ease up a bit and just have a little bit of fun.

Because nothing will make the losing team feel better than knowing that the other team wasn’t even trying for half the game.

According to Brooke Burdett, it was her son’s first year playing football, and this was his first touchdown. He’s only 8-years old, and he scored a touchdown after intercepting the other team’s pass.

The league has suspended the team’s coach for a week, and issued a $500 fine. Typically, a fine for violating the mercy rule is $100, and in some cases, the fine is waived if the winning team scores on a defensive play. However, Erick Richards, a spokesman for the league said that they wanted to make an example of the Black Knights.

He wanted to let the other 8-year-old football players in the league know he’s the sheriff around these parts. 

Furthermore, Erik Richards stated that the team made a mockery of the great game of little league football by laying on the ground, running off the field, and mocking the other players, which he said was unsportsmanlike behaviour. 

Parents of the Black Knights said that running up the score was not intentional. In fact, they even tried to let the other team catch the ball in order to score a few touchdowns, but the other team ‘refused.’

People take little league football way too f*cking seriously. In life, there are winners and there are losers. By sugar coating these sort of defeats for our children, we aren’t preparing them for the real world. We’re setting them up for disappointment.

If your son is upset his team got their asses kicked in a game of football, you should remind them that it’s just a game, anyway. This “everyone in a winner” mentality is toxic.

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