Upcoming Rapper ‘Stitches’ Hits A Snag When Giving Away Free Cocaine On Stage

It was the only way he could get the crowd really excited about what was happening.

Stitches, real name Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis, is a 19-year-old American rapper that is trying to break into the hip hop scene. His face tattoos and grills may tell you that he is a product of bad decision making.

He’s released one mix tape so far, entitled No Snitching Is My Statement that contained his hit single, Brick In Yo Face. The song is best known for its thought provoking lyrics that dive deep into what Stitches likes to do with his time, as he makes his way through life having an existential crisis:

I LOVE SELLIN’ BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE SELLIN’ BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE SELLIN’ BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE SELLIN’ BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

We know you do, Stitches. But a lot of his fans thought that his song was just a gimmick, so he had to prove to them that he really loved selling cocaine. As a result, he decided that he needed to get his street cred up and invite his fans on stage to snort cocaine while he performs.

This cute stage gimmick went south during a show in Lake Worth, Florida, when he invited a long line of ladies to come on stage and do, well, a long line. His wife was in the crowd, and didn’t like that he was inviting women on stage. He briefly argued with her, and then he ran off stage chasing her, completely ditching his show and his fans.

Unfortunately, the cops haven’t shut down his cocaine fueled performances. I’m just going to assume it’s because he is a nobody.

Watch the video of the ordeal below, it starts around the 20:00 mark:


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5 Responses to Upcoming Rapper ‘Stitches’ Hits A Snag When Giving Away Free Cocaine On Stage

  1. Marcus Firn says:

    What a fag

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ^^^^You are both correct…He is a clown fuck fag retard…


  3. LeukemiaSkywalker says:

    Did it ever occur to you dumbass that he wasn’t arrested because he’s a nobody, but because it wasn’t real cocaine?


  4. The journalist says:

    Whether the coke was real or not his music sounds like shit. His lyrics have no meaning. I love rap but this is not rap this is a coke fueled retard on stage making a fool out of himself and the whole underground rap community.


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