Woman Intentionally Drives Into Plasma Donation Center After Being Told She Couldn’t Donate

She just wanted to help save lives. She’s a victim. The people that rejected her are the bad guys.

35-Year-Old Pamela Miller arrived at the DCI Biologicals with her boyfriend, early on Saturday morning. Witnesses inside say they saw Pamela take several pills while sitting in the waiting room.

According to police, Pamela started arguing with employees at the clinic. The reason why, according to police is that, “Some folks are saying that she was upset because she wasn’t able to donate.” However, there have been several conflicting stories reported to the police.

Regardless, Pamela soon left the clinic feeling pissed off. When she came back, well, it wasn’t through the front door.

A witness to the incident, Jamal Ford, reported, “I had just walked outside of the door when I was getting to my car when I saw this car right here actually pull up…The lady, she stopped right behind my vehicle and then accelerated right through the door of the building.”

In other words, she put her pedal to the f*cking metal and went right through the goddamn wall. Everyone was screaming, and nobody knew what was happening or what they should do. She drove her car an estimated 40ft into the building.

Police were quick to respond to the scene of the crime, as there Sheriff’s Office substation was literally next door. She intentionally committed a crime, in a building next to a goddamn police station. 

Nine people were wounded, but none of there injuries are life-threatening. Miller has been charged with aggravated battery, but it is believed the State Attorney’s Office could add more charges.

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