New Interactive Toys Post Baby Selfies Online

Because that’s what Facebook needs – more unflattering photos of babies.

Laura Cornet, a graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands started The New Born Fame Project in response to new parents uploading photos of their baby to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not that she’s advocating parents uploading photos of their baby online for everyone to see, but rather she’s questioning it. She is trying to make people think about if it is okay for parents to post their babies photos online, when the baby isn’t even aware of what online is.

“I thought it was weird to be involved in the life of someone, who doesn’t even know that I have seen everything in his life already,” Corner said. “And the baby couldn’t make a choice to maybe not show me.”

As a result, Laura created a few toys that allow the baby to take photos of itself, and instantly share them online…even though the baby doesn’t know what it’s doing. Included in Laura’s creepy toy collection are motion-tracking shoes that register the babies movement, and an interactive pacifier that includes a GPS tracker.

The GPS tracker isn’t that bad of idea, except if you have a babysitter who loses the pacifier while you’re out. And, when you check to see where your “baby” is online, you see that they are lying in the middle of the road.

Although the point of the toys is to strictly raise awareness about the issue of whether or not parents should be allowed to post their babies photos online, Laura says that one day, she might commercialize the toys.


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